Smokecloak r

Why you should think seriously about Smokecloak

Smokecloak has turned the way we view Security Solutions on its head.

The Smokecloak System surpasses conventional security solutions by taking away the intruders ability to see the stock or person in a matter of seconds. Protection in an instant, literally.

The unit/s expels an application of dense fog to within the protected area in matter of seconds, the offender realising that his targeted high value stock is now completely masked by this intense thick fog and that he simply has no capability to move into the protected area is forced empty handed from the premises.

With Smokecloak installed by Censor Alarms & Security Solutions you TAKE BACK CONTROL.

Don’t rely on Systems that advise you after the event.
Be proactive with Smokecloak and ensure there is NO EVENT.
Smokecloak allows you the retailer to TAKE BACK CONTROL.